Inactivity- a major health risk

The majority of us know that exercise, or physical activity is important and beneficial for overall health and weight loss. We know we should eat healthy and exercise to benefit our health and happiness.

But did you know how big of a risk physical inactivity is?  It’s detrimental effects are comparable with that of smoking!  1 out of 10 people died world wide, in 2008, from inactivity, similar to that of smoking.  The risk factors of being inactive contribute to severe medical conditions from heart disease to osteoporosis, and other illnesses. In the U.S., the amount of obese people is half that of inactive people. Now please understand that inactivity leads to obesity, but is not obesity. Obesity can contribute to the lack of exercise or activity, but it doesn’t mean someone obese is necessarily inactive.

So what is going on??  If you read my last post, I touched on movement and exercise not being the same.  Many people exercise everyday, but then do not participate in movement or activity the rest of the day. Modern conveniences, 8 hour work shifts behind a desk, an app for everything (soon there will be an app that walks for you), has lead or society into a state of laziness, conscious or unconscious. It’s sad really.  And I hope that those that read this, read more. Whether from this site our searching others statistics elsewhere. Awareness is the first step in the process of change. Continue reading “Inactivity- a major health risk”

Exercise & Movement

Exercise : a particular movement or series of movements done to become stronger and healthier

Movement: :  (1) the act or process of moving; especially :  change of place or position or posture (2) :  a particular instance or manner of moving

Exercise is important…period. Movement is important…period. Exercise and movement are both very important, but one is not necessarily the other.  Biologically speaking we are naturally meant to and need to move.  Times have changed throughout the course of history.  Where we once had to hunt our food, and build our own homes, we now run off to the grocery store, to obtain the closest parking spot possible and then rent the home that has been built.  This enables the majority of us to have the time to work our 8-9 hour desk jobs, were sedentary is ordinary.

Where movement was once necessary for survival, it now is not.  And so exercise has become more important because of the lack of movement, the sedentary life styles we have adapted.  But if you are only getting to the gym or outdoors for 60-90 minutes a day, and the rest of your day is back to the desk chair, home to the couch to watch Netflix, the dial of your cellphone to order take out for dinner, is your exercise enough? Continue reading “Exercise & Movement”


Welcome to this Wellness Forum.  My name is December and I love health and being well…..I crave it.  It feels good.  This being said, there is not a one-size-fits-all for health and well being. There are many contributing factors. As individuals, we discover oursleves and begin to learn what works for us.  I have created Kontan’s Place to touch on the three areas I feel impact health and wellness.  These three areas are:

Exercise & Movement.

Mind & Creativity.

Food & Consumption.

Within each of these three areas, I will give insight on what I have learned from people, from my own continuos education, and from my own practice.

This is a site for expression and learning.  Although I am the writer, I am the learner too.  I am not claiming to be an expert, nor am I claiming what I say should be the Holy Grail.  I am speaking from my place of perception, experience and learning in life.

Please enjoy and reach out if you have questions.