Spine-Low Back Health

Whether your are a work out enthusiast or you simply can’t even begin to think of working out or exercising, understanding the importance of Low Back Health is essential to your overall quality of life and reducing injury. My neighbors recently began remodeling their pool.  The guy that came out to check out their pool and begin the process was wearing a back brace.  I asked him why the brace.  He told me that he pulled it helping his little boy learn to ride a bike.  I knew my next post needed to be about Low back Health. And so it goes…..

What is the Spine Really?

The spinal column is extremely important and vital in proper movement and messaging throughout your body.  The Spine consists of 33 bones stacked over one another.  A variety of muscles and ligaments connect these bones and keep them properly aligned….or hopefully anyway.  You then have your spinal cord which runs about 18 inches long from the vrain to your Lower back (at your first Lumbar Vertebra). Damage to the Spinal Cord is serious and can result in loss of both motor and sensory function. 31 nerves extend out from the spinal cord. These nerves relay messages to the spinal cord and throughout the rest of your bosy, creating movement and sensation.

Now muscles are connected to bones via ligaments like I mentioned above. You are able to bend over, move and flex your back muscles, sit, stand, and much more from the muscles of the back. They create the protection and the movement for you Spinal Column. Have you bent over and felt a twinge in you lower back?  That is a muscle or series of muscles throwing out a defense mechanism and warning you to step back or ease up, otherwise damage to the Vertebrae and potentially nerves could occur.

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