Meet Your Psoas..

Psoas muscle

The Psoas (SO-AS) is a muscle of the body. One of the largest, thickest and deepest muscles in the body.  This deep muscle is on both sides of the body, extending out of the 12th thoracic vertebrae to the 5 lumbar vertebrae, down through the core of the abdominals to attach at top of the femur, or thigh bone. It is the muscle responsible for connecting the spine of our bodies to our legs, forward flexion, supporting the spine (with aid of the abdominal muscles), and more.  Think lifting your knee up to your chest…this action is performed by the psoas.  This deep muscle is also very sensitive to emotional states.  So keeping the Psoas healthy and strong is very important, otherwise many major effects can occur in the body. Healthy refers to not only strengthening and lengthening, but stress management and control. Continue reading “Meet Your Psoas..”