Mold on Health

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Today I write about mold and it’s affects on health. Yes, that green stuff that grows in moisture, that the majority of us think nothing about, and most times do not even realize may be in the walls of our homes or work. Mold is not typically thought of as an indoor pollutant, or pollutant of any kind for that matter. However mold exposure can be toxic to our health and can create many serious side effects and health conditions.  I touch the subject of mold because a dear friend recently realized that the severe health problems she was having were from mold that sat in the walls of her home, which was a brand new build.  A friend that has a water damage company in Phoenix, AZ, came out and inspected her home and sure enough found it at high levels. He informed her of the danger of mold and the symptoms. She began seeking care for toxic mold exposure and is in law suit with the builder.

Being this is a wellness forum, I want to bring awareness to the host of problems exposure to mold brings about, and especially because most people are unaware of the danger it poses on health.

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Fascia Release Techniques

fascia release foam rollingFascia is a system of the body that is a large intricate web or casing that is very dense fibrous tissue that covers every bone, muscle, nerve, joint, and organ of the body.  What is some amazing is that it is large interwoven, connected sheet.

There are three layers to fascia; superficial fascia, visceral (subserous), and deep fascia.  Trauma, inflammation, and surgical procedures can create trauma to the fascia, causing restriction and tightness. Many people that have suffer from back pain, and lack of range of motion suffer from fascial problems, yet are unaware or misdiagnosed. The inner webbing of fascia helps muscles communicate. And with over 6 times the amount of sensory neurons than any other connective tissue, it’s obvious that fascial health, or lack of it can create many pains and problems.

The body is an amazing vessel that transports us though our lives and takes the brunt of many stresses and traumas from physical to mental and emotional stress.  Fascia is like a jacket, sweater or protective layer that sits below the skin and encompasses our entire body. What happens to it and it’s relief or restrictions directly effect our overall well being. This being said let’s talk about some myofascial release techniques to create improved performance, function and feeling in the body.

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Dry Skin Brushing for Wellness

Body brushing benefits to health
Benefits of Body Brushing for body wellness

Maybe you’ve heard of dry skin brushing before but are a little unsure of exactly what it is and the benefits of it.  Or maybe you know what it is, but have yet to become a “dry brusher”. Overall health and wellness encompasses many things.  I like to look at it as consistently making positive deposits into our body and mind.  Dry brushing the skin is one of those positive deposits.

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