Dry Skin Brushing for Wellness

Body brushing benefits to health
Benefits of Body Brushing for body wellness

Maybe you’ve heard of dry skin brushing before but are a little unsure of exactly what it is and the benefits of it.  Or maybe you know what it is, but have yet to become a “dry brusher”. Overall health and wellness encompasses many things.  I like to look at it as consistently making positive deposits into our body and mind.  Dry brushing the skin is one of those positive deposits.

Now let’s get into the benefits it offers:

Increases Circulation– It helps to remove metabolic waste and promotes toxin release in the body

Lymphatic System Stimulation– The Lymph System, an intricate system in, is responsible for removing metabolic wastes from our body, through lymphatic drainage. Exercise, deep breathing, and blood circulation assist in the elimination of these wastes.  If your lymph system is not in good working order, many negative side effects can occur…inflammation, and dis-ease. Dry Brushing stimulates the Lymph System to remove these waste products.  If for any reason, this is my big “why” reason, to body brush.

Cellulite Reduction– Cellulite is made worse from toxins. Brushing detoxifies and can soften fat deposits creating a reduction is the appearance of that unwanted cellulite.

Stress Release– It feels great, many people become addicted to the feel good of the brush. Brushing encourages the reduction of muscle tension, which aides in overall stress relief in the body.

Exfoliation– Get rid of dead skin cells.  Brushing does just that and stimulates the production of new skin cells. This gives the body a glow and a deep exfoliation.

It does even more- Brushing can even improve digestion.  By stimulating the body to remove waste build up, improving lymph drainage, breaking up fat deposits, reducing muscle tension, the body is able to become naturally better at how it is supposed to perform.  Body brushing is easy, free (besides purchasing the brush), feels wonderful, and aids wonderfully to overall well being.

How to body Brush-

Body brushing is done on a dry body with a dry brush. Find a nice high quality brush and brush at least once a day.

Start at your feet and work your way up (avoid the face).

Use upward, towards the heart, brushing motions (best for circulation and drainage).

Apply a firm yet comfortable pressure.

Shower or bathe when finished to remove dead skin cells.

I recommend to make it a morning habit, to jumpstart & energize your day.  Beware, you may become addicted, all while improving system functioning in your body and your health.