Exercise & Movement

Exercise : a particular movement or series of movements done to become stronger and healthier

Movement: :  (1) the act or process of moving; especially :  change of place or position or posture (2) :  a particular instance or manner of moving

Exercise is important…period. Movement is important…period. Exercise and movement are both very important, but one is not necessarily the other.  Biologically speaking we are naturally meant to and need to move.  Times have changed throughout the course of history.  Where we once had to hunt our food, and build our own homes, we now run off to the grocery store, to obtain the closest parking spot possible and then rent the home that has been built.  This enables the majority of us to have the time to work our 8-9 hour desk jobs, were sedentary is ordinary.

Where movement was once necessary for survival, it now is not.  And so exercise has become more important because of the lack of movement, the sedentary life styles we have adapted.  But if you are only getting to the gym or outdoors for 60-90 minutes a day, and the rest of your day is back to the desk chair, home to the couch to watch Netflix, the dial of your cellphone to order take out for dinner, is your exercise enough?

No, it’s not. It is better than doing zero, zilch, nada, but not enough. Haven’t you heard the recommendation of taking 10,000 steps a day?  Do you take 10,000 steps a day?  Its said about 2000 steps is equivalent to a mile. Well I’ve tested what this looks like for the average person who exercises. It’s not easy.  I walk my dogs 4 miles every day, about an 60-75 minutes. I do not hit 10,000 steps.  If I go back and finish working from home, even do some laundry, I still at the end of the day do not hit 10,000 steps.  I am overall active. I love how it feels to feel good. It makes me feel strong in both my mind and my body.  I usually get over the recommended, but many days, I have to be mindful of this, especially now that I work from home in a “desk job” position. I used to own and operate a restaurant and I got my steps in for sure, but with the sitting behind the desk all day job now, I am mindful.

Some ways to hit that 10,000 step mark:

Whether you add to these to your existing strategies, or you utilize them for all of you steps. Focusing on completing 10,000 steps in smaller accruals may be more manageable.

  • Park in a far spot at the grocery store, or Target, or Mall. I know it may seem like you don’t have time, and maybe some days you actually don’t.  But an extra 2-3 minutes total is not a lot of time. If you do this at 5-6 places throughout your week, it’s almost an extra 2000 steps.
  • After Dinner walk around your house or neighborhood for 10 minutes. Helps with digestion too. Note: Don’t think about if you should do it, just put your shoes on and do it. End of story. Give no time to the mind to tell you no. Walk easy, no ” I need to digest” excuse. This will help you digest. It’s not a race, just a casual 10 minute walk
  • Take the Stairs. Skip the elevator.
  • Walk to your car on your short breaks. 10-15 minute break at work walk to you car and back. Do it twice if you can. (you can have a sheet of paper in your car that you draw in “X” on for every time you do this.  Keep it throughout the week and see how many “X’s” you have down.
  • Better yet, walk to work. If you can of course.
  • Walk that Golf Course.  Don’t rent a cart. At least try it. Alternate the shoulder you carry your clubs on, so you stay balanced. (This one requires a little more effort, but it get will get those steps in!)
  • Enjoy your steps whenever while you take them.

Let them be a your “break”. Don’t think about what your doing, just enjoy it. There are many benefits for your overall health and well being.  We will get into benefits on the nest post. Cheers!