Important Breath


Each one of us breathes everyday, otherwise we would not be alive. We know that breathing is important or else we cease to be alive, but I believe it’s importance is not completely understood.  If you think about it, breathe is life.  Yet it happens without thought, without awareness of what exactly is taking place and the depth of it’s importance. Breathing is the one physiological function that happens voluntary and involuntary. We can consciously control it with our mind, or allow it to happen automatically by the central nervous system. I write this post to bring awareness to the breathe and encourage conscious awareness with it. The benefits of doing so are healing and simply surreal.

There is internal respiration and external respiration. During breathing (external respiration) we inhale oxygen from the atmosphere and exhale carbon dioxide. The blood in the capillaries exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide molecules with the air entering the lungs.

Cellular Respiration (internal respiration) occurs in the cells, which we are fundamental units of life and that of which we are made up of. Essentially it is how our cells breathe.  Through this process energy is released.

Speaking from how I believe most people see breathing, it is the process of inhaling and exhaling to take in air and remove carbon dioxide. What we don’t think of breathing as is life or energy for our cells.  Each cell that we are made up of has a purpose and a structure that processes all the necessary functions of life, breathe, food digestion, fluid circulation. memory, habit, etc. Our cells make up the multi cellular organism we are, and keep us alive and functioning.  So the breathe is deeper than just a inhale and an exhale.

Breathing Patterns reflect our mental and emotional states. For this very reason, the importance of breathe awareness and control had a huge impact on how we feel and other physiological reactions that occur.  Conscious breathing can help us to deal with many common ailments including stress reduction, pain relief, improved concentration and sleep quality.

Simple Breathing Exercise 

  • First, find a place you can sit quietly. Become aware of your breath. Stop for a few minutes and feel how you are breathing. Is is shallow, is it deep? Become aware of the fact that you are actually breathing and what your breathing is like.
  • Next begin to create an even inhalation through your nose for a count of 5
  • Pause (with ease not force) at the top of the inhale for a count of 3
  • Exhale smoothly and evenly for a count of 5
  • Pause for a count of 3
  • Repeat 10 times.
  • When finished become aware of how you feel, and how your body feels

Breathing is extremely Powerful.  Explore your breath.  Learn more breathing techniques/exercises.